Barn Hunt

Barn Hunt

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Barn Hunt is the fastest growing dog sport in North America. It is a fun game of Hide and Seek for your dog. In Barn Hunt, we hide live, beloved pet rats, housed in secure, ventilated, crush-resistant tubes, throughout a course of small square straw bales in a fenced-in ring. The dogs use their nose to locate the tubes and indicate to their handlers that they have found a rat. The dogs never get to interact with the rats themselves- just the tubes, as the safety of the rats is paramount in this sport. There are tunnels in the straw bales and the bales are stacked up to three high, for the various levels of this sport. Each of the lower levels has a specific number of rats hidden and a set amount of time for the dog to locate the live rats hidden on course. As the dogs progress in experience, the difficulty level of the course increases and the number of hidden rat tubes increases, but the time allowed also increases. The dogs are working primarily on their natural instinct. This sport is for all ages and breeds of dogs – purebred and mixed. The sport is governed by the Barn Hunt Association (BHA) Titles earned in Barn Hunt are also recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club.

Crocus Obedience and Kennel Club (COKC) periodically offers practices for anyone wishing to try the sport or to prepare for trials. COKC has also hosted BHA sanctioned trials.

Barn Hunt Practices

Once again, COKC will be hosting weekly outdoor barn hunt practices on Wednesday evenings, starting July 18, 2018. We will offer Instinct and Novice levels from 6 to 7 PM and Open, Senior and Master levels from 7 to 9 PM.
The practices will be at the COKC clubhouse SW of Brandon.
All levels of dogs are welcome and no previous training required. If you and your dog have never tried barn hunt, come on down for the 6 PM session. If you have any questions, please email Ramona Schreiber: