Agility Classes

COKC offers all levels of agility training from Foundation to Competition.  The prerequisite for Foundation Agility is COKC’s Dogsports Foundation class.  Following the successful completion of Dogsports Foundation, those interested in agility may register for Foundation Agility.

To register, contact us at or 1-204-725-2009 and provide your name and phone number.

Once you register for Foundation Agility, your information will passed on to an agility instructor and you will be contacted to confirm that you are placed on the waiting list.  You will be notified when a spot is available in the next intake session.  At the present time, space and time constraints as well as instructor availability allow for only two intakes per year.

Foundation Agility is designed for puppies and adult dogs.  The purpose of the class is to build specific skills the dog needs before beginning obstacle training.  You will continue the handler focus work from Manners 1 which will assist the dog in focusing on the task at hand and ignoring the many distractions in the environment.

Once Foundation Agility is successfully completed, the dog and handler team is eligible to move through the various levels of agility training.  Each session of agility training is eight weeks in length.