Basic Training Classes


Prerequisite: None

This introductory six-week class is designed for puppies aged 8 to 16 weeks when they start class. The class content is similar to Manners 1 (see below), but with more emphasis placed on puppy interaction and all aspects of socialization: to people, places, things, sights, sounds, and touch. Crate training and the Attention Game, which are covered in Manners 1, will not be addressed in the Puppy class, and recalls will be geared more to the needs of “baby dogs”.

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Manners 1

Prerequisite: None

This introductory six-week class is designed for dogs over 16 weeks of age. It introduces the handler to COKC’s “positive, not permissive” training philosophy. Handlers first work on handler focus, or getting their dogs to pay attention to them. This is done by playing games such as “Attention Game”, “Gimme Dat Collar” and “It’s Yer Choice”. This class includes a major focus on having handlers play with their dogs, to build a better relationship and increase the dog’s handler focus. Handlers teach their dogs to sit and down, and the lifelong importance of the recall (teaching dogs to come on the first call) is emphasized in this class. Another major focus of this class is socialization – exposing dogs to as many different people, sights, and sounds as possible, as well as teaching dogs to accept all types touch and handling from their owners and others. The foundation for “loose leash walking” is laid in this class. House training, bite inhibition and resource guarding are also covered, and dogs learn to “love their crate” as an important part of crate training.

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Manners 2

Prerequisite: Manners 1

Building on the skills learned in Manners 1, handlers now  teach their dogs to stand, and gradually increase the amount of time dogs are expected to hold all of the static exercises (sit, down and stand). Shaping with a clicker is taught in this class, and this shaping principle is applied to new skills such as  hand targeting. The retrieve is taught in this class, and handlers spend lots of time working on two very important skills introduced in the prerequisite class: recall and loose leash walking. Socialization to all kinds of people and things continues in this class.

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How to Register

After reviewing the class descriptions above, click here for our class schedule and find the class you would like to attend and the time slot(s) when it is offered.

Contact us by email at or by phone at 1-204-725-2009 and leave a message. Please indicate the name and time slot of the class you would like to attend as well as your name and contact information.

Other Information

  • Class fees for COKC Ordinary Members are $60.00 (including GST) per six-week session. Class fees for COKC Associate Members and Non-members are $80.00 (including GST) per six-week session.
  • The maximum class size is 8 with an instructor to handler ratio of 1 to 4.  The minimum class size is 4 and a class may be cancelled if the minimum is not met.
  • Unvaccinated dogs are at greater risk to contract and spread disease.  To keep your dogs and the dogs of your fellow class members as safe as possible, please follow your veterinarian’s recommendations with regard to a comprehensive vaccination program.  Class participants will be required to show proof of vaccination or acceptable alternative (e.g. letter from veterinarian, titre results, etc).
  • COKC reserves the right to remove dogs from our classes if they exhibit aggression, extreme reactivity, or excessive barking.  All of these issues interfere with group classes and prevent others from learning.  COKC will offer referrals to other dog professionals to assist owners in dealing with dogs with extreme issues.