Disc Dog Information

What is Disc Dog?

Disc Dog is an active sport where handler and dog are a team, working towards titles by having the dog catch a disc thrown by the handler.

COKC offers a Disc Dog League in a large fenced field at our club building. The league operates only in the spring-summer-fall, weather permitting. Training, like trials, is stopped in thunder and lightning storms, but continues after the storm passes. Training and trials are not stopped for rain or wind.

The Canadian Disc dog Association (CDDA) is the organizing body for this sport. The CDDA does not promote the high jumping of dogs catching discs. The objectives of the CDDA, a non-profit sanctioning body, are to:

  • Promote the sport of Disc Dogs in Canada
  • Establish rules of competition
  • Tabulate and issue title earned by dogs registered with the CDDA
  • Develop and certify judges

Disc Dog Registration and Eligibility to Compete:

  • Each dog must be registered with a primary handler.
  • A one-time fee is required to register each dog.
  • All dogs must have a CDDA number before competing at a CDDA-sanctioned trial.
  • Each dog’s competition number must accompany all registrations for trials so that qualifying legs and points earned can be attributed to the correct dog.
  • A dog cannot have more than one competition number.
  • Dogs must be a minimum of one year old to compete in all classes except the Retrieval Proficiency Test.

Only official Fastback Frisbees can be used in the Regular Division.
Only official K10 Pup discs can be used In the Mini Division, which is for dogs under 15 inches tall.

There are four main events:

  • Retrieval Proficiency Test (RPT)
  • Single Disc (sub-divided into Regular/Mini and Novice/Advanced)
  • Freestyle Disc
  • Furthest Catch

This the first stepping stone. Dogs must pass an RPT to go on to the other events and collect points. The dog may retrieve any object of the handler’s choice. The handler stands in a six foot by six foot box called the “handler’s box”. The handler cannot leave this box. The handler throws the object 10 yards or more and sends the dog to retrieve it. The dog must retrieve the object and return it to the handler or drop it within the handler’s box. The dog only has to do this successfully once to pass his RPT, earn a certificate and be able to go on to compete for points and titles in all other events.

This the most popular event. In this event the handler has one official Fastback Frisbee (supplied by the host club) and two one-minute rounds to get as many successful catches as possible. No food or toys are permitted on the green (field). Fouling the green will mean elimination for that specific round.

The field is divided with the following yardage lines:

10 yards
15 yards
20 yards

Points are earned for catches as follows:

1 point for a catch over 10 yards
3 points for a catch over 15 yards
5 points for a catch over 20 yards

If the dog has all four feet off the ground at the time of the catch (called “getting air”), an extra bonus point can be earned for that catch. Points are tracked and titles are awarded when certain numbers of points are earned. Proficiency titles can also be earned in Single Disc. A qualifying leg is earned if the dog catches the disc over the 20 yard line four times within the first seven throws. Once the dog earns four legs, he is awarded the Basic Disc Dog (BDD) title and moves up to Advanced.

Freestyle is a 90-second routine of tricks and catches to music.

Furthest Catch is almost self-explanatory. The handler gets three opportunities to throw the disc as far as possible and have the dog catch it. Bronze, Silver and Gold levels can be achieved according to the distance at which the dog catches the disc.