Our Governance

2019 – 2021 Executive

President – Jackie Sage
Vice-President – Lisa Lang
Secretary – Brenda McKague
Treasurer – Brandi Sheppard
Public Education & Training (PET) – Wendy Flannigan
Building Chair – Patty & Tim Rollheiser
Newsletter Editor – Sarah Van Renselaar
Canteen Co-ordinator – Jody Jury


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COKC Membership Application Form Version 6.0 Effective 2020 

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COKC Membership Renewal Form Version 6.0 Effective 2020


Policies & Procedures

Policy 1 Class Cancellation Guidelines
Conflict of Interest Policy and Guidelines
Policy 3 Duties of Executive Members
Policy 4 Guidelines for Use of Club Building & Equipment

Policy 5 Junior Handlers in COKC Training Classes
Policy 6 Library
Policy 7 Perks for Instructors and Workers
Policy 8 Procedures for Annual Review of Club Members Doing Contract Work for COKC
Policy Refunds for COKC Classes

Policy 10 Responsibilities of the Assistant in COKC Training Classes
Policy 11 Responsibilities of the Instructor in COKC Training Classes
COKC Training Philosophy
Photo Walls
COKC Policy Managing Difficult Dogs in COKC Classes

Constitutions & Bylaws

COKC Constitution & Bylaws