Our History

Crocus Obedience & Kennel Club (COKC) began as Crocus Obedience Club. The name was changed to the present name in 1970. The club was started by two couples, Joan and John Svenson (presently life members), and Diane and Captain Glen Numbers, getting together to train their dogs. As the Captain was based at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Shilo, the first classes were held in the Sports Palace building on the Base, and a registrant in that very first class was the Base Commander, Colonel Francis. They began in March of 1968 with 19 registrants, some of whom are still active in the dog fancy today. Due to the response from local dog owners, the club roster grew, and so did classes, with the addition of a Kindergarten Puppy Class in 1970.

With the generous support of some Winnipeg clubs, and a few very dedicated individuals, the club held its first all-breed sanction match in June of 1970. A second match was held in the fall of the same year, which paved the way for the first officially recognized shows and trials held in June of 1971 at CFB Shilo, with 630 entries from as far away as British Columbia, New Brunswick, Oklahoma and Texas.

In 1973, the club was advised by the Base Commander to seek a new venue for holding classes. This led to the purchase of the present building, a 24 by 120 foot barracks that was moved from the Base to private land, located three miles west of highway number 10 south in Brandon. Through the generosity of members Betty and Earl Wesselman, the club obtained a three acre lot and as of spring 1973 had begun renovations to set up the training centre which still exists today. This training centre, or “club building”, as it is usually known, has seen many improvements and additions over the years. Today it is a neat and tidy building, with an annex which was added to the western side of the building containing a fully functioning kitchen and two bathrooms. In addition, two large fenced outdoor rings are maintained to the west and south of the building. These rings are busy all summer, mostly with agility students and their dogs, and sometimes with students practicing rally and obedience as well.